Pipette Care

Proper Use and Care of Pipettes

One of the best guides for caring for your pipettes is the manufacturer's instructions. However, there are general guidelines that can be used for all pipettes. Pipettes are precision instruments, so they should be treated with care. Never drop them or handle them roughly as that will impact the pipette's calibration.

Do not leave pipettes lying on the workbench where they can be knocked off and damaged.

  1. To properly set pipetman volume, turn the volume adjustment knob until you are 1/3 revolution above the desired volume setting.
  2. Do not use a pipette above the maximum volume of the pipette.i.e. Gilson P1000 - do not roll above 1000 ul.
  3. When picking up a sample, immerse the end of the disposable tip beneath the liquid surface within the following ranges:
  4. » 1 to 2 mm - up to 10 ul
    » 2 to 3 mm - 10 to 100 ul
    » 3 to 6 mm - 100 to 1000 ul
    » 6 to 10 mm - 5000 ul or more
  5. Prerinse tips whenever critical reproducibility if required. Ensure that the tip is tightly fitted.
  6. Maintain consistency in the following areas:
  7. » Pipetting rhythm from sample to sample.
    » Speed and smoothness when you press and release the push button.
    » Push button pressure at the first stop.
    » Angle and immersion depth
  8. Always operate Pipettes in a vertical position. Keep upright when in use to prevent liquids running inside the shaft of the pipette.
  9. Dispense sample by touching the tip end against the side wall of the receiving vessel to ensure complete sample flow.
  10. Don't keep pipette in your hand while not working to avoid transferring of body heat to pipette.
  11. When not in use the pipettor should be rested upright on the pipette stand in the vertical position with the tip cone pointing downwards to prevent liquids entering the inside of the pipettor. (Remove plastic tip)
  12. Never invert or lay pipette down if liquid is in the tip.
  13. For P-5000 and P-10ML model pipettes, use the special safety filters supplied.

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